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We can help you every step of the way in building your custom home, or remodel. Our proven process consists of 4 key features: Listening, Planning, Construction, and Service. You will notice, that listening is a constant throughout the entire custom home building process.


Initial Meeting

Our process begins with listening. We want to know you and your family’s wants, needs, and dreams, and where you are currently in the custom homebuilding, process. Among other things, during this meeting we will cover the following:

  • Do you own the property?

  • Are you currently working with a design professional/team?

  • What is your budget for your project?

  • If you will be lending, are you pre-approved?

  • What is your timeline for your project?

We can help you with any of the above items.

Land Evaluation

After the Initial Meeting, we will understand you and your family’s wants, needs, and dreams, and where you currently are in the custom homebuilding process. We will then meet with you at your property to evaluate the site’s existing conditions and possible challenges.


Designing your custom home, we will utilize our professional design agreement, and listen to you and your family’s wants, needs, and dreams, while keeping your budget in mind. That’s the difference only a custom home builder can provide.

The things that mean necessity, luxury, or comfort to you, is only in a home designed specifically with you. Russell Hall Construction’s design team will guide you through the design process to design your new home the way you want it. 

If you already have an architect, we can work with them as well. 

If you already have a working set of plans, we can review and offer suggestions, or we can submit for engineering. 

NEW for Russell Hall Construction, COMING SOON, we will have base floor plans, exterior and interior selections available as-is, or for modification to your liking.


Now that we have established the location of the home site, and the design of the home complete, we can have the foundation engineered for the specific soils your home will be built on. Both, soils samples and foundation engineering, are highly recommended when building a new home.

We can handle the engineering process for you, or we can refer you to our preferred engineering firm.

Building Cost

Now that we have listened to your specific wants, needs, and dreams, with your budget in mind; we have designed the home of your dreams, and all engineering is complete, we have all of the bidding documents (plans and specs), and can now present you with our proposed building cost. Upon agreement of the proposed building cost, we will provide you with the construction schedule for your custom home.


Russell Hall Construction

The construction phase is always exciting, and even though construction has begun, we continue to listen. For the success of the project from start to finish, it is just as important for us to listen to you now, as it was during the Planning Phase. We will listen in a variety of ways. We will listen for your selections at specified points in the project, and we will listen for changes to insure we build the home of you and your family’s dreams. 

All of our planning efforts are supported throughout the Construction Phase with Russell Hall Construction’s in-house field inspections. Our in-house field inspections is THE difference between Russell Hall Construction and all other home builders. 

At the end of the Russell Hall Construction phase of your custom home, we will conduct a new home orientation. During this orientation, we will introduce you to all of your systems and gadgets, as well as make note of any deficiencies that may exist. Once you are orientated and all deficiencies are complete, we will welcome you and your family to your Custom Home. 



Russell Hall Construction warranties include 10-year for major structural components, 2-year for plumbing, electrical, heating, and air-conditioning delivery systems, and 1-year for workmanship and materials (supplied by contractor). 

Even after construction is done, when you and your family are living in the custom home of your dreams, we will still be here to listen to your wants, needs, and dreams. Whether you want a new barn, workshop, or craft-shop, or need maintenance and repair work done. We will be here for all of your home owner needs.

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