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We can help you every step of the way in building your custom home, or remodel. Our proven process consists of 4 key features: Listening, Planning, Construction, and Service. You will notice, that listening is a constant throughout the entire custom home building process.


Collaborate: We will work with you to custom tailor your project to your liking and budget from start to finish;

Coordinate: We coordinate all efforts during construction;

Execution: The plans and specs are worthless without proper execution. We take pride in executing the project per the plans and specs.

Architectural Design

When designing your custom home we will listen to you and your family’s wants, needs, and dreams, while keeping your budget in mind. That’s the difference only a custom home builder can provide. The things that mean necessity, luxury, or comfort to you, is only in a home designed specifically with you. Our design team will guide you through the process and design your new home the way you truly want it. 


GeoTech Report & Structural Engineering

Now that we have established the location and the design, we can have the foundation engineered for the specific soils your home will be built on.


The construction phase is always exciting, and even though construction has begun, we continue to listen. All of our planning efforts are supported throughout the Construction Phase with our in-house field inspections. Our in-house field inspections is THE difference between Russell Hall Construction and all other home builders. 


Russell Hall Construction warranties include 10-year for major structural components, 2-year for plumbing, electrical, heating, and air-conditioning delivery systems, and 1-year for workmanship and materials. Even after construction is done, we will still be here to listen to your wants, needs, and dreams. Whether you want a new barn, workshop, or craft-shop, or need maintenance and repair work done. We will be here for all of your home owner needs.

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